What We Do

What We Do

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In an environment where parents prefer to send their children as domestic help rather than to the school and marry off the girls when they are very young, it’s a huge challenge to motivate these children and their parents for further studies / training.

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Our members initiate a change by helping the less privileged children and their parents to visualising value of studies and encourage children to acquire education and skills for better life and future for themselves.

Our aim is to identify, encourage, counsel and assist under privileged and deprived children in choosing the best possible career path in line with their capabilities and aspirations. We then assist them in pursuing the chosen education stream by guiding, providing study material, coaching and preparing for competitive exams. We also guide and assist them in obtaining job in line with their education & skills.

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Our Mission

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To identify, encourage and guide under privileged and deprived children to understand career opportunities and assist them in choosing best possible education path. Assist and guide them in accomplishing their career goal. Also help them in obtaining job appropriate with their education and lead decent and dignified life.

Our Vision

To build sensitive and self-reliant society where disadvantaged and underprivileged children get opportunities at par with normal children, access to quality education and equitable job opportunities.

Our Objective

  • To identify underprivileged and disadvantaged children, who left their education due to monetary and/or domestic reasons, assessing their potential for further education and assisting them to get quality education in schools, colleges and higher universities.
  • To counsel parents of such children to let them continue education for betterment of their life and also defining their growth path in consultation with the children and the parents.
  • To assist such children for admissions in schools for education, getting them necessary tools and materials for further studies, assisting and guiding them for preparations for competitive exams or pursuing other qualifications.
  • To identify and establish communication with government, private schools, coaching institutes for admissions of such children at discounted fees or free of cost. Seeking feedback from schools and institutions on performance of the children and take necessary action for improvement. Liaison with potential job providers and placement agencies for placement of the children in suitable jobs after attaining desired qualification.
  • To contact and convince teachers and other persons to volunteer and devote time for guiding and coaching such children free of cost or at nominal honorarium.
  • To procure study material and other educational aids and equipment for the benefit of children through donation, lease etc.
  • To arrange space and building premises through donation or on rent or lease or to own the property for educating such children and other function of the company.
  • To obtain support from public at large and add volunteers and members to this company.
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Success Stories

Saharsh Sahyog Sansthan is registered as a Non Profit Organisation with Government of India under section 8 of Companies act 2013 in April 2017.

Contact Us

  • O 608 Amrapali Zodiac Sector 120,
            Noida 201301, UP India
  • Info@saharshsahyog.org
  • +91 9650991991