Director Speaks

Director Speaks

"Five individuals from different backgrounds came together to set up Saharsh Sahyog Sansthan in April 2017 with a common objective to build a society where disadvantaged and underprivileged children get opportunities at par with normal children, access to quality education and equitable job opportunities. "

Message From Director:

"I had a strong urge, for the last several years to do something for the society, which has given me more than I expected. Time gone by, but I could not do anything but for small donations, distribution of articles of need to poor, sponsoring poor students, teaching, collecting funds for martyrs or such petty works. Now after accomplishing my family obligations and superannuating from job, it is time for me to do something more which would add more value to life. There was vast sea of opportunities in all walks of life, where work could be done. To pick one was a challenge.

Children are future of society. Apart from government providing free education, there are thousands of NGOs and other unorganised societies and individuals that are assisting poor children in obtaining education. It is generally seen that most of the poor students wander aimlessly after matriculate, intermediate or even graduation. There is hardly any job for them. Years of hard work in obtaining education, suddenly appears to be a waste.

This is the area that needs to be taken care. Instead of just going for 10th, 12th or graduation, these children should get education in a stream which can give them a job of their calibre. These children must be judged for their potential and keeping their aspiration alive,help them in stream of studies, they can excel. After completion of their studies, they should be assisted in securing job worthy of their qualification.

In brief, pick up A child early stage, say in 8th standard, look for his liking and potential and decide a goal for him in consultation with child, his parents and teachers, assist him in all practical ways to accomplish his goal and ensure his placement in job.

With this broad framework, together with few friends and family members, I have got this NGO in the name of Saharsh Sahyog Sansthan

registered with Government of India under section 8 of Companies act 2013. Our organisation has pledged to create a congenial environment, filled with resources, so that disadvantaged and underprivileged children can add wings to their lives to fly high. We, at this NGO, are committed to discharge our duties diligently and ethically and will ensure that every single penny of the NGO is used towards fulfilment of the goal of NGO.

Friends, these young minds have the capacity to move mountains. So let's give them fair chance by providing them access to quality education and platform to search jobs and make this society an egalitarian and self reliant one. Let us together jewel the faces of the children by lending our support to them in accomplishing what they have dreamed of.

I would like to thank my wife, children and all near & dear ones who encouraged and supported me in undertaking this enormous responsibility. My family has whole heartedly supported me is my decision to contribute a large part of my savings to the tune of Rs 50 Lahks for this noble cause.

I look forward to you for your suggestion and active participation in any manner you deem fit. I humbly seek your well wishes and blessings so that we could succeed in our mission."

Harsh Kumar 30th April 2017

Saharsh Sahyog Sansthan is registered as a Non Profit Organisation with Government of India under section 8 of Companies act 2013 in April 2017.

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